Thank you to all those who participated in the Science Olympiad this year.  The scores have been posted as of 3/3/2015.


Welcome to Vincennes University. We are excited to once again be hosting the Science Olympiad Regional Tournament on February 21, 2015.  Please visit us often for the latest information.

To register your team, click on Registration on the left side of the page.   All steps must be completed by February 7, 2015.


The Vincennes University Foundation will be sponsoring the Mission Possible event.  Juniors and Seniors who place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in this event and major in math or science at VU will receive a scholarship.

1st place will receive $2000 each (half per semester)

2nd place will receive $1700 each (half per semester)

3rd place will receive $1300 each (half per semester)


The material that will be used for this years "Write It - Do It" event will be LEGOS.

Teams participating in the "Mission Possible" event must submit their ETL by Thursday, Febuary 19th to Professor Danny Ralston at dralston@vinu.edu.

Teams participating in the "Bridge Building" event can bring their bridges to the competition room to be measured from 9:00 - 9:30.

The schedule has been updated as of February 5, 2015.


Rule clairifications for the "Entomology Event" can be found by clicking on this link:



The dimensions of the competition area for "Wright Stuff" are approximately 45ft wide by 60ft long by 22ft high.