Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct signature page is available for download at the bottom of this page. Please print it for the team to sign and fax the completed signature page attention Professor Steve Brothers to 812.888.4540.


Students, coaches, event supervisors, parents, and guests are expected to follow current Science Olympiad Rules. The goal of competition is to give one's best effort while displaying honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship, and not violate the spirit of the problem. All are expected to display courtesy and respect toward one another. Failure to show honesty or courtesy by a participant, coach, or guest of the team may result in penalty points being assessed or disqualification of the team from the event, the entire tournament or future tournaments. Our collective example will promote the spirit of cooperation among all participants. Therefore:

1.     Teams may not interpret the rules so that they have an unfair advantage over the rules or another team.

2.     Unless otherwise stated, it is generally understood that if notes, resources, calculators, actions, etc., are not excluded, then they are permitted unless they violate the spirit of the problem.

3.     All non-permitted electronic devices must be turned off and if so directed, left in a designated spot.

4.     Once teams have entered the event area to compete, they must not: leave until they are finished, return once they have left, communicate with outside resources, including people, places, etc. by any means (this effectively excludes the use of any computer, PDA, calculators, wireless devices, phones, etc. that have access to external communication or data retrieval during an event unless specifically permitted).

5.     Safety is of the utmost importance. Event supervisors are obligated to prevent unsafe acts and devices. Safety decisions are not subject to appeal. Students should not risk being penalized for safety violations such as activating devices or removing goggles without supervisor permission. Contestants must not bring harmful items to a tournament. Teams may only bring items that are specified in the rules.

6.     Coaches, teachers, parents, students, and other adults are responsible for ensuring that any applicable laws, regulations, and school policies are not broken.

7.     One or more of the 15 current team members must have constructed all pre-built devices presented for judging. Any of the current team members may demonstrate or operate the device at the competition unless stated otherwise in the rules.

8.     Any person designated by the coach can impound devices unless stated otherwise in the rules.

9.     Depending upon the level of an infraction, at the supervisor’s or tournament official’s discretion, a student or team may be penalized, removed from the event at that point, or disqualified.

State and regional tournament directors must notify teams of any site-dependent rule or other rule modification at least 30 days prior to the tournament.